The Sunday Papers (Aug. 1, 2021)

Oh dear, it’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? With the increasing business and attendant busy-ness at work, I’m considering making this week’s tongue-in-cheek change a permanent one. We picked Wednesday for the What We’re Reading back when we had a post from me on some Saturdays and a post from parvusimperator most Tuesdays and […]

Wednesday What We’re Reading (Jun. 16, 2021)

I’m thinking about getting a progressive press to make my USPSA reloading go a bit faster. Any recommendations? I’m thinking about waiting for that Frankford Arsenal FX-10 jobber to go on sale before I make a final decision. Fishbreath’s Story of the Week If you stare into the machine-learning ad segmentation market, the machine-learning ad […]

Wednesday What We’re Reading (Mar. 17, 2021)

Projects Little Wars: I have 135 infantry and 72 cavalry printed in various colors and styles, and have another 45 and 24 (respectively) in progress. Future battles will be larger than ever before! Gun stuff: the Glockblaster 3D progresses apace. Many Words Press World HQ Library: carpet incoming soon; bookshelves to come. Skypirates! (the PC […]

Wednesday What We’re Reading (Jan. 27, 2021)

As parvusimperator settles into his new work digs, he’s been a bit more free with the article-sharing. Maybe we’ll get back onto a once-a-week routine, instead of this recent every-two-weeks one. Discord Shout-Outs Our readers on the Discord (link’s in the sidebar) have come through with some fascinating stuff lately. boomerang-pigeon shares some archival documents […]