Wednesday What We’re Reading (February Edition)

Oh my, it’s been a month.

Well, in the intervening time I had to sell my Mini and buy a new car (blew a valve, or maybe a head gasket), among other things. So it goes.


Science and Technology




The ‘Rona Etc.

Grab Bag

2 thoughts on “Wednesday What We’re Reading (February Edition)

  1. Agammamon

    “Abolish the RAF – In favor of a Royal Naval Air Service and a Royal Army Air Service.”

    I wonder how many of these arguments are applicable to the USAF – especially now that the ‘Space Force’ has been stood up.

  2. Chris Bradshaw

    Well, that whole (piss-poor) argument is based around the RAF losing its strategic deterrent role. The USAF retains that capability, both with manned aircraft and the Minuteman III force.


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