Choosing a Tanker Aircraft

Tanker aircraft are a requirement for any serious projection of airpower. And no one ever has enough of them. So let’s go get some. Previously, the standard in aerial refueling was the KC-135, a close relative of the classic Boeing 707. Today, there are two different airframes available for tankers. There is the Boeing 767 […]

Light Reloadable Antitank Shootout: RPG-7 vs. Carl Gustav

It’s time for another head to head. Let’s look at two extremely popular light(ish) antitank weapons.1 In the blue corner, fighting out of Sweeden, is the Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle. And in the red corner, fighting out of Russia, is the RPG-7. Let’s dig a little deeper into these two weapons and see what we […]

Borgundy Army Organization: Tank Platoon

The tank platoon is the basic unit of armored organization. How you structure it will shape tactics and has a direct bearing on costs. One might think that tank tactics are an extension of infantry tactics. And that a tank platoon should have subelements that the platoon leader can use to perform fire and maneuver […]

Borgundy Challenge Response: Anti-Tank Weapons

While Borgundy agrees with the Russian view that the best weapon to combat a tank is another tank, and combined arms with plenty of tank-infantry cooperation are the keys to success, this does not mean that the infantry should not have weapons for killing tanks. It’s all the more important since most modern western IFVs […]

Protivtankovy Parvusimperator

The DCS Su-25T Frogfoot is the only attack aircraft in my simulated stable right now. In the interests of cooperation, parvusimperator learned to fly it a few nights ago, and has recounted his experience with it here for your edification. -Fish As resident NATO-trained attack pilot, I took to the Su-25T without too much trouble. […]

Wednesday What We’re Reading (May 13, 2020)

Coronavirus Seroprevalence studies in France and Spain indicate about 5% Wuflu penetration – Which is… not great, and neatly scotches my pet theory about vastly greater prevalence than we realized. (If the result holds up, anyway.) Estimates of about 20% in New York still strike me as a bit high, given that Madrid, the epicenter […]

Wednesday What We’re Reading (Apr. …29, 2020)

I’m working on a tightly-estimated customer project at work these days, so I haven’t been doing as much reading during the day, nor as much blog-post-assembling. Sorry for the wait! Coronavirus NYC social distancing narc line flooded with obscenities Digital media taking a coronavirus-related drubbing – Which is kind of a surprising outcome to me. […]

Wednesday What We’re Reading (Apr. 22, 2020)

The weeks seem to get longer and longer every day. Books Parvusimperator finished the French Rifle Book from Headstamp Publishing, and speaks very highly of its content and production values. He’s now reading First In, Last Out, a history of South African artillery in the latter days of the Cold War. Time-Sensitive There’s a SpaceX […]