Wednesday What We’re Reading (Mar. 17, 2021)


  • Little Wars: I have 135 infantry and 72 cavalry printed in various colors and styles, and have another 45 and 24 (respectively) in progress. Future battles will be larger than ever before!
  • Gun stuff: the Glockblaster 3D progresses apace.
  • Many Words Press World HQ Library: carpet incoming soon; bookshelves to come.
  • Skypirates! (the PC game): did some design thinking, settled on a flat map covering only part of the world, at least to begin with.


Science and Technology

  • Creating a new map projection more accurate than others – Speaking of flat maps, here’s one that makes a claim (a map projection better than others) without remarking on its main disadvantage (it’s a two-sided disk, as though you ran over a globe with a steamroller, which means it’s not ideal for display use).


Grab Bag

3 thoughts on “Wednesday What We’re Reading (Mar. 17, 2021)

  1. Agammamon

    “Starting in 2018, when Florida’s legislature became the first to pass a law to adopt year-round daylight saving time, 14 other states have followed suit.”

    I guess that just ignores the places that never had DST to start with.

    Though I wonder why this is always framed as something government needs to do – especially the Federal government.

    You want year-round DST – just do it. Its perfectly doable yourself. Here in Arizona we’ve managed to handle not changing the clocks twice a year and the Navajo nation (inside Arizona) do do that and everyone still manages fine.

    1. Agammamon

      I mean, what is Congress going to do? Send in the FBI to make sure everyone changes their clock in accordance with the law?

    2. Chris Bradshaw

      Good luck moving a town or city to permanent DST if you can’t get the local public schools, police department, or DMV on it. I’m all for smaller government, but you definitely need them if you want to change the clocks without causing utter chaos.

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