Wednesday What We’re Reading (Jan. 27, 2021)

As parvusimperator settles into his new work digs, he’s been a bit more free with the article-sharing. Maybe we’ll get back onto a once-a-week routine, instead of this recent every-two-weeks one.

Discord Shout-Outs

  • Our readers on the Discord (link’s in the sidebar) have come through with some fascinating stuff lately.
  • boomerang-pigeon shares some archival documents from Bovington, on British tank development in the early Chieftain era.
  • Kilo Sierra shows off some pretty woodworking.
  • NATO/OTAN translates some R&D budget line items for the PLAN’s Type 076 LHD.
  • It’s cool stuff. If you like what you read here, you should come on by.
  • I have a few things in mind for alternate chat systems, if Discord ever decides to clamp down on tiny defense-affairs communities.


Science and Technology

gestures The World and Such

  • Everything is Broken – COVID has convinced me of nothing so thoroughly as the utter decay of Western institutions generally.
  • The Michael Scott Theory of Social Class – “The first major speech pattern between the characters is Posturetalk. Posturetalk is everything said by Michael, Dwight and Andy, to anyone: the staff, the execs, or each other. Everything they say is some form or another of meaningless, performative babbling. This is the language of living inside a construct; where your entire world lives within arbitrarily drawn boxes, and you have nothing concrete to attach to. It’s the only language that Michael knows how to speak.”
  • In happier news, Redditors are screwing over hedge funds with a short squeeze on Gamestop – Are there any good guys in this story? Well, maybe the Redditors doing it for the lulz, but that’s about it, and even they aren’t the most sympathetic characters. Here’s a Twitter thread on the same topic.
  • The new national American elite – Used to be that regional elites competed for national leadership. Now there’s an elite monoculture, and like most monopolies, it’s led to corruption and decrepitude.

Grab Bag

  • A classic of the filk music genre – Filk: what happens when musically-inclined fans get together at science fiction conventions. This one could be a folk anthem for the Imperium of Mankind.
  • A joke from Russia, badly translated: “The police reported a few hundred protestors on Sunday, and a few thousand were arrested.”
  • A remark from a Russian wag, recounted third-hand: “In every joke, there’s a little bit of joke.”

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