The Soapbox is the official blog of Many Words Press, focusing primarily on defense affairs and firearms commentary under the day-to-day editor-in-chiefdom of parvusimperator. We occasionally delve into writing and gaming topics, and we produce a monthly podcast called The Crossbox.

Your contributors:

Parvusimperator – SECBLOG (Supreme Editor-in-Chief, Blog)
I’m John Brimlow. I like modern firearms, military history since 1900, and military technology of all eras. I also tend to poke Jay about writing here out of a desire for some balance, since he and I don’t actually agree all that often. I tend to be pretty conventional, despite my pretensions of maverickdom. I like my armor heavy, my coffee black, my airpower overwhelming, and my competition guns to be strictly Open Division.

Fishbreath – Supreme Grand Editor-Marshal in Chief (ret.)
Hello! I’m Jay Slater, the author who writes most of what goes up at Many Words Main. As an author, you’ll see me doing the lion’s share of the writing about writing here. My interests also run toward games (board, tabletop, and PC), zeppelins, old-timey firearms and firearm-related collectibles, military history from about 1700 to 1950, and my adventures in USPSA. You may hear the moniker ‘Brigadier Oldtimey’. This is apt. I may sometimes write about modern defense affairs at John’s prompting, and will more frequently write about modern competition shooting with very little prompting at all.

Although parvusimperator does most of the writing here at the Soapbox, I handle the duties you might associate with the title ‘web lackey’, as well as the sound engineering, such as it is, for the podcast. Furthermore, I do all of the fiction, so you can go fly a kite if you’re going to try to tell me I should do more here.

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