Wednesday What We’re Reading (Mar. 10, 2021)

I believe we’ve made a near-final carpet selection here at Many Words Press World HQ, which means the library will soon be a) done and b) capable of hosting the largest Little Wars battles yet, on the order of 15′ x 10′, which should easily support coalitions of more than 100 soldiers. Hopefully, we can bring you one of those in the not too distant future.


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5 thoughts on “Wednesday What We’re Reading (Mar. 10, 2021)

  1. Chris Bradshaw

    Oof, utter hypocrisy from the North Face folks called out in full by Colorado Oil & Gas.

    FN finally got their STANAG, two decades after they first fought for it. I’ve never shot any 5.7 myself, have you guys got any experience with the caliber?

    1. Fishbreath Post author

      I think it’s a fascinating curiosity, but not useful for all that much.

      Parvusimperator says, “Solution in search of a problem.”

    2. parvusimperator

      Let me elaborate a little. I’ve shot the Five Seven pistol, which is a very expensive plinking pistol with poor ergos. Shoots very flat.

      I’ve also shot an actual full-auto P90 (range rental, I know a guy). It’s quite controllable. Almost hilariously so. Very easy to keep all 50 rounds on a steel silhouette target at…15 yards or so. As far as rentals go, a good (albeit expensive) choice, but I had more fun with things that spit more fire, like a 10.3″ MK 18-alike or ‘krinkov’ AK.

      As far as issued weapons go, meh. 35 years ago, the soviet boogeyman was starting to get flak vests/soft armor as a general issue item, and that was about to render all the much beloved 9mm SMGs of western europe obsolete. By now, Soviet Russan soldiers are getting rifle plates that laugh at 5.7, and we have a ton of really compact 5.56mm carbines that are reliable (Mk 18, G36C, etc), which might not be quite as nice as a P90 to carry, but are far superior logistically. We’ve also seen a general contraction of armies anyway.

    3. Agammamon

      Shoots light and fast and flat. Lethality is supposed to be similar to 9mm with a flatter trajectory – but this is from 6in barrels. It is loud with a lot of muzzle flash though.

      Some people will say ‘its just a 22 mag’ – it is sort of. You’re getting .22 mag out of a 16 in barrel velocities from a 6 in pistol barrel.

      Oh, and you can use rimfire scale suppressors with it which can save you a few bucks.

      If it has good performance out of short barrels (4in or shorter) then it could fill the spectrum from ‘concealed everyday carry subcompact’ out to ‘carbine shooting out to 200 yard’ with one round.

      But its not really a gamechanger by itself, IMO.

      Too bad you can’t get any right now for less than 2 bucks a round.

  2. Chris Bradshaw

    That logic makes sense for me, although it also makes me want to shoot the P90. It might be a decent caliber for LEOs and maybe counter-terror SOF stuff, but probably not more general service.


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