Wednesday What We’re Reading (Apr. 1, 2020)

Full isolation continues. Food and ammunition stocks holding out well.

No April Fool’s jokes here. We’re all business.

Wuhan Coronavirus: Maps and Data

Wuhan Coronavirus: Other



The Final Frontier (it’s Space)

Grab Bag

  • The crude oil market is broken – Worldwide oil demand is down by 25%. Wyoming Asphalt Sour, was bid at -$0.19—they’ll pay you to take it. Also, apparently, there are only about 700 oil refineries worldwide1.

  1. Unrelated, but I found out this last week that there are 700,000 active ham radio licenses in the US. I would have never guessed that community is some 20 times larger than the USPSA community. 

1 thought on “Wednesday What We’re Reading (Apr. 1, 2020)

  1. Fishbreath Post author

    On the potential-mode-of-action thread, this twitterer seems to disagree that it’s plausible.

    The most compelling critique is that a mature red blood cell is just a bag of hemoglobin (there’s no cellular machinery for the virus to use), red blood cells don’t have the receptor the virus seems to bind to, and there’s not a plausible mechanism for the proteins in question to get inside a red blood cell absent attacking them directly.


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