Wednesday What We’re Reading (Oct. 30, 2019)

Busy morning at the office. Commentary status: limited.




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6 thoughts on “Wednesday What We’re Reading (Oct. 30, 2019)

    1. Fishbreath Post author

      I think even Californians would agree with that remark.

      We put the Challenger 2 picture in this week just for you. I confess, I like the idea of a tank with a missile launcher on top, even if it’s only an illusion right now.

    1. Fishbreath Post author

      If your tank needs more punch, just add more missiles!

      A little preview for this Wednesday: we were incorrect on the Brimstone launcher being on another vehicle. New pictures have come to our attention, which show that the Streetfighter prototype does indeed have a two-missile pod on the turret roof.

      Tomorrow’s article is a review of Armored Brigade, now that it’s released on Steam, so after finishing that, I went and added a Challenger 2 with Brimstone launcher to the DB, and a squadron of those, backed up by some artillery and air support, stopped a motor rifle regiment cold, with a little better than a 9-1 exchange ratio. It seems like a pretty good idea.

  1. Chris Bradshaw

    9-1? C’mon, you can do better than that against T-72s and BMPs. Don’t let the Queen down.

    There’s actually a fellow on the War Thunder forums who has been active on that very project. Apparently they’re working with a BAE technician removing the old TISH, TPU, compressor units and coolant bottle packs and fitting the new TISH and TPU to the entire fleet.

    1. Fishbreath Post author

      The trouble with simulating it in Armored Brigade is that modern protection and missiles throw the game’s calculated point values a bit out of whack—a troop of Challenger 2 Streetfighters comes in at about the same point cost as a T-80B company, which means that the artillery etc. the opposing side can throw at you in addition to its cheap tanks makes for a difficult fight.

      Parvusimperator and I are working on some 90s-00s vehicles to go along with the Chally 2, so we’ll see how it fares against more modern competition.

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