Wednesday What We’re Reading (May 5, 2021)

A bit late on the draw this week: work has been ridiculously busy, as has been the pattern lately.

I did at least fix the occasional ‘your IP address has been blocked’ message you might have been seeing: that page was getting cached as the homepage when spammers visited. It’s not fixed in the sense that the anti-spam plugin and the homepage play nice, but I turned off the anti-spam plugin and cleared the cache, so it looks solved from your perspective, non-logged-in readers.



Sport, Motor, Formula

China, Coronavirus, and Other Related Topics

Twilight of the West

Grab Bag

One thought on “Wednesday What We’re Reading (May 5, 2021)

  1. Chris Bradshaw

    Some polls conducted by mainstream french news outlets have noted in excess of 50%+ support for the generals’ letter. Interesting times are afoot.


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