Wednesday What We’re Reading (Oct. 23, 2019)

This week, the ‘approximately Fishbreath’s birthday’ edition.


  • Given that it’s me, my birthday presents were primarily books.
  • Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book, courtesy Parvusimperator: widely regarded as the best of the bunch when it comes to golf books, or at the very least, the one everyone who plays that game should read.
  • Castles of Steel, courtesy my in-laws: I’ve read this before via the War College Library, but I’m delighted to have my own copy and to read it again, just as soon as I finish Dreadnought.
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel, also courtesy my in-laws: I enjoyed the TV series and like the worldbuilding that seems to have gone into it. The book should be a delight.
  • The Bread Baker’s Apprentice, courtesy my wife: making bread is a hobby of mine, but I’m not very good at it right now. This will help with that.


Science and Technology


  • The curious case of Joseph Roh – Who got off with a super-light sentence for running an 80%-lower-finishing operation because his lawyers convincingly argued that an AR-15 lower isn’t a firearm by the ATF’s own definition.

Grab Bag

  1. Something along the lines of, it was closer than the dark-matter-free paper authors thought, so it wasn’t strange at all. 

3 thoughts on “Wednesday What We’re Reading (Oct. 23, 2019)

  1. Chris Bradshaw

    I’m a little surprised that you guys read Claire Berlinski. There’s no doubt that she’s a good writer, but she’s always been the type to predict absolute doom and gloom as the conclusion for every development in politics, foreign affairs, or society. That, and she is extremely anti-POTUS.

    1. Fishbreath Post author

      She’s not on the regular list—I saw some quotations from the article above via some of my Twitter follows, and thought it was worth a share.

      I try not to discriminate on opinion on Trump, except in cases where it shows up in clearly unrelated articles. For example, there was one this morning about the increasing pace of life due to technology (and also Trump, in every other sentence).

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