Wednesday What We’re Reading (May. 8, 2019)

Parvusimperator’s Open gun has indeed finally come in, so all we have to do is find a match which doesn’t fall on a holiday weekend.

The Continental loadout post from yesterday is a new Soapbox game, as you might have guessed from the achievements at the bottom. Mine should land tomorrow.

Headline Link: The Long Way Round

  • The story of Pan-Am’s California Clipper – En route to New Zealand at the outbreak of the Second World War, one of Pan-Am’s twelve Boeing 314 flying boats found itself cut off from its South Pacific island-hopping route. Short on fuel, spare parts, and friendly bases, its intrepid crew had to make their way back to American shores the hard way.

Has this been turned into a movie? If not, why not? Who do I call about that?


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3 thoughts on “Wednesday What We’re Reading (May. 8, 2019)

  1. Chris Bradshaw

    I don’t think Big Navy has actually committed to ripping out the AGS on the Zumwalt to install more VLS yet. LRLAP is a shitshow, but we don’t actually have the missiles to make a Zumwalt a credible anti-ship platform with LRASM not yet ready for the VLS. I guess the Navy might be hedging against a failure of the railgun program to deliver in time by proposing additional VLS instead.

    And godspeed to the people of Venezuela who yearn to be free.

  2. Fishbreath Post author

    In late-breaking news, a story came across my desk today about how one of India’s new boomers, INS Arihant, was out of service for ten months because her engineering spaces flooded while she was tied up dockside.

    India’s artificial reef program: needlessly cruel slander? Or funny because it’s true? In their defense, Arihant has since gone on patrol.

    1. Chris Bradshaw

      Apparently someone forgot to close a hatch. Reminds me a little of disgruntled dockyard worker Casey Fury, who knocked out an LA class SSN with a burning rag.

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