Fishbreath Picks: AAF Week 3

My picks in parentheses. NoExtraPoints is now my go-to source for box scores.

Arizona at Salt Lake (Arizona-4)

Salt Lake is better than their record indicates, I suspect, but they fell 38-22 to Arizona in week 1. Team quality in the AAF has so far been more important than home-away as far as picks go, and Arizona is currently the AAF’s best passing team.

Memphis at Orlando (Orlando-14.5)

Memphis has played execrable football so far this year, as Christian Hackenberg reminds us that not every NFL washout is a diamond in the rough who just needs a bit more development. Taking a 14.5-point favorite in a league where teams rarely score more than 25 points is maybe a bit risky, but Orlando’s averaging almost 40 points per game and Memphis is averaging 9.

Birmingham at Atlanta (Birmingham-6)

Atlanta has an accurate quarterback but a bad offensive line, and Birmingham has been good at pressuring quarterbacks. We know from Week 1 that the Iron can move the ball and score on bad teams, so I’m going with them here.

San Antonio at San Diego (San Antonio+2)

San Antonio won the week 1 meeting by 9 points, prompting a mid-game QB switch. Philip Nelson, who took the helm for the Fleet (see what I did there?), is not a dramatic improvement over whoever they had in week 1, and I expect San Antonio to, at the least, keep it close.

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