Wednesday What We’re Reading (Jan. 16, 2019)

Now that parvusimperator is back with us, I can focus on this post more than usual. As usual, when I focus on something more than usual it doesn’t just get done. It gets overdone.

Categories arranged not in the usual defense-first fashion, but rather in the order they showed up in our weekly-news-stories channel on the company Hangouts Chat.

Американский футбол


  • First we saw too few Milky Way satellite galaxies, now we see too many – An interesting case where refinements to the theory brought the estimated number of satellite galaxies down, while refinements to measuring tools brought the number of discovered satellite galaxies up. As always, a good read from Quanta. This story came from the daily news dump at Ambient Irony, a blog run by a Twitter acquaintance, which usually has some good stuff in the science/technology field.
  • Rocks: the next dark matter detector – When the next Einstein rolls around and upsets the luminiferous-ether-like consensus on dark matter, I’m going to be smiling very smugly from my little corner of the internet. (Or we’ll eventually catch a WIMP, and you’ll never hear from me again.)



The Акула/Typhoon-class boomers, in pictures


American Politics

Monroe Doctrine

  1. This is definitely the accepted plural. 

4 thoughts on “Wednesday What We’re Reading (Jan. 16, 2019)

  1. daib

    The Navy wants a true successor to the F-14 to fly alongside the dinky little F-35C, and you guys are complaining? What will it take to satisfy you?

    1. Fishbreath Post author

      The article mentions an arsenal plane as a promising technological development. From my armchair, it’s just as likely we get a new Douglas Missileer as it is we get a new Tomcat.

      That, and if I were laying odds on the contenders for any of today’s speculative procurement programs, the favorite would be “canceled”.

  2. Kilo Sierra

    RE: Shutdown

    Perhaps the populous doesn’t value the work of the Federal workforce, due to not knowing how prevalent that workforce is to the well functioning conduct of the country…

    If you really want this solved, quit declaring things emergency essential and watch everything come to a screeching halt (which would be spun by both sides, one having the benefit of being more truthful). Then hopefully the populous would demand their elected senators fulfill their constitutional duties and pass a floor bill, and override a veto if necessary. Quit acting like the Constitution didn’t make you an equal lever of power.

    (I didn’t spend 20 years in uniform to watch this crap happen to our country – politics rant off)

    1. Fishbreath Post author

      If “take up the mantle of your Constitutional duty” were a more popular rallying cry, we’d all be in better shape.

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