Wednesday What We’re Reading (Aug. 22, 2018)

Since most of our daily interaction here at metaphorical Soapbox World Headquarters is sending articles back and forth in the Many Words Press metaphorically-corporate Google Chat, sharing a list of articles seemed to us like a nice, low-effort way to add another day per week with a post without having to do any real work.


Historical Aviation




  • Private censorship is still bad, writes the civil liberties director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, stealing an idea for an article I’ve wanted to write for a while.
  • Beta releases of RPJ, the house tabletop roleplaying game system of Many Words Press, are now available. Currently available: the core rules document, along with Police Cops, the hard-charging police drama RPG.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday What We’re Reading (Aug. 22, 2018)

  1. Kilo Sierra

    I’ve been carrying mostly left over 124+ Gold Dots, once those are gone I’ve got a a few years worth of HST in 124. I expend the carry ammo at the end of a quarter (plus FMJ for more regular range work).

    I’d like something for my USP 45 Tactical, but dropping the $ on a Matchweight (Al or steel) is a stretch… (plus I still need to do the hybrid match+LEM job on the USP 9). And get a P2000 so those mags I bought who knows when have a use…

    1. parvusimperator

      124 +P Gold dots will work great, as will the HST. I’ve got the KKM comp on my G19, with the stock recoil spring assembly, and for what it’s worth it’s happy with any decently hot 9mm, but it doesn’t like really light “cheapo” loads. I may drop to a lower weight recoil spring to make that work.

      If you comp the USP 45, you’ll almost certainly need to drop the recoil spring weight, or switch to .45 Super. Regular .45 ACP won’t give you enough gas to work the comp well. A buddy of mine slapped a Lone Wolf comp on an FNX-45 and had all kinds of cycling problems.

      As for me, we’ll see what I feel like getting once my custom racegun gets here. Until then, I’m not letting myself buy more pistols. 🙂

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