ATGM Identification Chart

Are you curious about ATGMs? Watching some video online and wondering what missile was used?

Wonder no more! Now with this handy chart courtesy of @badly_xeroxed, you can figure out what (SACLOS) missile you’re watching.

(click to enlarge)
atgm identification chart badly_xeroxed

One thought on “ATGM Identification Chart

  1. Checkmate

    Ahh, the Maliutka. So much potential. Cheap as dirt to make, can use MILAN warheads or thermobaric warheads, can be used from remote controlled mounts (basically sheet metal things that cost as much as a lawn chair to make and have rails for the misiles) with fiber optics (no jamming chance) instead of the pesky copper wire, can have software in the track and control unit to make it less of a bitch to steer. Sure it’s slow, but should I care when I can make a bazillion of them with mobilized chimps in small factories?


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