Tafl Open 2016: An Update

Unfortunately, turnout for the tournament ended up being rather disappointing. The only entrant to submit an entry was Jonathan Teutenberg, with J.A.R.L.

By the rules as written, this leaves him with the title of champion. Fortunately for you, dear tournament follower, I spoke with Mr. Teutenberg, and we agreed to a one-match playoff between OpenTafl and J.A.R.L.

You can expect to see that game on Monday, January 2nd, starting at about noon Eastern time. There will be coverage available in several forms: a liveblog here, a stream at my hitbox channel (I’ll provide a link when the time comes), and live viewing at a special OpenTafl multiplayer server.

To connect to that multiplayer server, go to Options in your OpenTafl client and change the server address to taflopen.manywords.press. (That server is not up yet; I’ll be starting it on Sunday night.) Connect to the server. (Note that accounts will not be transferred from the main Many Words OpenTafl server. Logging in with a new username and password will register a new account.) The game will be made available for spectators at about the start time.

Stay tuned later today for OpenTafl v0.4.5.0b, the version which will play in the tournament.

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