Maturity and Security in my Choices

(Sigh. Me having a very upset stomach and not being able to go to a match means you get multiple posts from me today. Lucky you, dear reader.)

I’ve seen some posts out there about things like “Are my revolvers still cool?”, “wheelguns suck”, “I don’t like lever guns”, “No, you’re wrong, lever guns are amazing”, “wheelguns are the best or you’re wrong!”, and the like. And now I’m going to weigh in on all this nonsense.

Right now, on my hip, is a Glock 34 with Surefire X300U-A. 17+1 capacity, loaded to bear with 124 grain 9 mm +P Gold Dots from Speer. I love this thing. It shoots great, conceals well with my normal mode of dress (read: loose fitting t-shirts and cargo pants). Hardcore, serious firepower. Also a total gamer gun. I picked this because I can conceal it (it’s about as big as a government model 1911) and I shoot it well. I have some other buddies who conceal a Glock 34 too, and some others who don’t. I don’t care, because it works for me, and that’s what matters. It is nice to be able to compare notes with some other guys though.

Glocks have a lot of advantages. They’re simple, reliable pistols. You can completely detail strip them with a 3/8″ punch. Magazines are cheap and plentiful, and hold lots of bullets. Everybody makes things for Glock. You can get whatever sights you want for your Glock. It’s pretty easy to get drop in trigger improvements, if that’s your thing. Modern 9 mm hollow points work about as well as any standard pistol caliber in terms of stopping power. And its soft shooting and cheap.

On my desk in front of me is something old school. My S&W Model 29, with the 6″ barrel, in .44 Magnum. It’s currently unloaded. I could conceal it if I want to (yes I have a holster for it), but I don’t. I think my Glocks, even my big 34, work better for carry. The Glock is lighter, narrower, holds three times as many bullets, and is easier to get good follow up shots with.

Now, if I lived in Alaska, or spent a lot of time outdoors, I might value being able to shoot big .44 magnum rounds at bears. I can stop a bear with 9 mm, but it’s easier to do it with .44 Magnum. That said, I’m in Western Pennsylvania, and I don’t hang out in bear country much. It’s not normally a big concern for me.

I bought the Model 29 back when I lived in upstate New York. I didn’t buy it for carry. That’s ok. Not all of my handguns are carry guns. I bought the Model 29 because it’s cool, and pretty, and it’s fun to shoot. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than shooting a big bore revolver that I am confident I can control, and that’s my Model 29. I don’t care that I have better choices for carry. It’s ok. I like it anyway. I like all of my guns.

Revolvers aren’t the best choice from a military perspective, it’s true. Or if you’re in the bad-guy engaging part of cop work. Semiautos carry more bullets, reload faster, and are easier to repair when parts break. The inside of a revolver looks a lot like an old wind-up watch. Complicated. Not easy to figure out. A Glock is the kind of thing that you can repair really easily.

But, what about for the concealed carrier? It probably doesn’t matter. The most common gun fights (statistically), for a civilian with a concealed carry permit or an off-duty cop are over in about three gunshots. Three shots. My Model 29 holds twice that. Even a j-frame has a decent two-shot margin on that. Rule One of a gunfight is HAVE A GUN. Pick one that suits you. How you tend to dress. Where you tend to go. Carry something you feel comfortable with. Carry something you practice with. And hell, carry something you like. Emotional attachment will help make sure you keep that gun with you. Whatever works.


Tom Givens, firearm instructor, has a wonderful body of shooting statistics from former students. All of his students who had guns on them in their altercations won. The only students who ended up in a bad way were those who didn’t have their guns on them when they were accosted.

So, while less effective than a semiauto, revolvers can still work for you. If you do your part. I’m not the biggest fan of revolvers, but I’m not you. If it works for you, rock on with your bad self. I’m gonna keep carrying my Glock 34, because I like it. Even if it’s a Gamer Gun, it’s probably not going to get me killed on Da StreetzTM.

I’m gonna say the same thing about lever action guns and bolt action guns if anybody asks. Know what’s great about capitalism? You can buy whatever the fuck you want. So can I. I’m gonna buy guns I like, for whatever reason. I don’t care if you don’t like them. They’re not your guns. I think people really ought to harden up a bit about this nonsense. Doesn’t matter if everybody in the 14th Chairborne Ranger Regiment does or doesn’t like your choices. They can pick their things. Be an adult. Go pick yours.

I don’t know what your preference is, but I know two things. One, there’s somebody out there who thinks it’s dumb and that it will get you killed or some nonsense like that. Two, there are others out there who think like you do.

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