OpenTafl v0.3.3.2b: the sun sets on v0.3.x

Releasing today is OpenTafl v0.3.3.2b, most likely the final version of OpenTafl in the v0.3.x series. How far we’ve come in the…1 month and a half since these releases kicked off2. After a few false starts, I’ve decided upon this set of features as the final, stable set for v0.3.x.

Beyond the obvious (network play and other associated features), OpenTafl has seen some incidental UI, AI, and framework improvements. Nothing major you haven’t already heard about, so I won’t go into too much depth here. You’ll find that the server login dialog is a little more informative now, and that network games no longer ask for a password when one is not required. You’ll also find (since my last post) that network clients can load saved games, large boards have some extra features (try the ‘info’ command!), network hosts can disallow replay or analysis, and that several network bugs have been fixed. Hit up the README for more information there.

From here out, excepting bugfixes to v0.3.3.2b, my work will be on two new branches. v0.4.x will likely be a long-lived series of releases, since it’ll have both a big-name feature (playable variations) and a long, iterative process of improvements (the AI). Stay tuned for news. I have a pretty good idea of how I want to do playable variations, and a post on that, going from design goals to implementation plans, should be coming soon.

1. Picture me consulting the README.
2. It’s even more dramatic when you consider that, as a public project, OpenTafl is now only about seven months old, and has grown at a rate of nearly 3,000 lines of code per month.

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