OpenTafl v0.3.2.1b released

A new version of OpenTafl is out. Happily, this one doesn’t break network compatibility! As usual, the README has full details, but here are the highlights.

First off, performance improvements! The micro-optimizations I wrote about are now in the release. This brings OpenTafl’s speed up to the standard set by v0.2.5.3b. You may also notice enhanced responsiveness from the UI, which comes from updates to the Lanterna UI library.

Speaking of which, updates to said library have also resolved issues with OpenTafl drawing in native terminals. Use the –fallback switch to run OpenTafl in pure ANSI terminal mode. Handy if you’re on a server or something. Changes in Lanterna also required a little bit of rewriting on the Swing front; the upshot is that font size is now configurable.

Finally, I took care of a few large-board issues: the row indices now print correctly for boards larger than 9×9. In the same vein, alea evangelii (19×19 tafl) is now available, and I can feel a 19×19 tafl theory post coming soon, I think.

Until then, happy gaming.

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