OpenTafl v0.1.9b: the end of the line for 0.1.x

OpenTafl v0.1.9b has been released! This release adds support for a game clock. The AI is able to plan its time usage in accordance with the amount of time it has left. Additionally, settings are now saved from run to run.

This marks the last major release in the OpenTafl v0.1 series. The next major release will be 0.2.0b, including engine mode and related features, work on which will start at the end of March or the beginning of April. Looking ahead to the tournament, I may switch around the tasks in v0.3 and v0.4 from the roadmap I put up a few posts ago—network play lets me set up each AI in its own Amazon EC2 instance and have them play that way, which simplifies the rules by letting AIs think on their opponent’s turn, and removes the need for me to figure out how to limit an arbitrary process’s resource use (although it does add some complexity in building a tournament framework).

Now that it’s feature-complete, v0.1.9b will remain the stable version until v0.2.x is ready to go. What this means for repository structure is that I’ll create a new v0.2.x branch, and that’ll be the head of the tree for dev purposes. Any bugs discovered in v0.1.9b will get patched on master and pushed into 0.2.x, if it makes sense to do so. When 0.2.x is done, it’ll get merged into master, and I’ll start a new 0.3.x branch, and so on until perhaps, someday, a 1.0.

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