Je Suis Français

A tous mes amis français, mes pensées vont vers vous et je vous souhaites courage et force afin de traverser ces moments difficiles.

(Having exhausted my high school French, I’ll continue in English). I sometimes mock the French. Sometimes because they disagree with me and many of my fellow Americans, and sometimes because of their unique quirks. As I am sure they sometimes mock me for my unique Americanisms. But as an American, I owe a debt which can never be repaid to the Marquis de Lafayette. And I admire the French, for their pride, and their stubbornness. I see a lot of myself in them, even in the worst of times. Today, we are all French. I know nothing I say can make the pain go away. But I will say it anyway, and pray anyway, because fourteen years ago, you did the same for me and mine. Be strong, my friends. Our thoughts and prayers go with you.

And, Lafayette, I’ll continue to pay my debts.

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