On the only fitting and manly response to thrown gauntlets

Whereas, Fishbreath is neither a lazy shirker nor a poltroon; and
Whereas, Fishbreath is nevertheless a busy man; and
Whereas, Parvusimperator ought not escape the difficulty of deciding on things (or at least writing articles to justify those decisions),

Be it resolved that Fishbreath demands to see the following things from Parvusimperator:

1. His choice for a short- to medium-range air defense system, bearing in mind that he cannot buy Russian;
2. His choice for an APC;
3. His choice for an anti-tank rocket (i.e., for the AT specialist in a rifle squad), and an infantry-portable ATGM (for a proper AT team).
4. His 25-year, $250 billion procurement budget, as submitted to Borgundy’s legislature. (In the spirit of fairness, I’ll come up with one, too.)