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The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 14 – Christmas Special

Merry Christmas! We dive into our wishlists for a very special special episode.

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In defense of the single-seat attack helo
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The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 13 – Qualified Approval

We’re back to our normal format for a very late November episode. Join us for some griping about one thing which really isn’t tacticool, some games which we don’t understand, and the case of the missing quals.

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PC Gamer writes up some terrible adventure game puzzles


The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 11

In this episode, Jay rambles for a full half hour on a gun topic (a Crossbox first!), we trash a three-gun group whose rules specify what color your magazines are (and are not) allowed to be, we make a connection between Bond and Longstreet, and we decide that the French aren’t so bad after all.

Further reading
Jay’s Goldeneye Source review in one line (approximately): wow, how old-school. I don’t remember it taking this many bullets to kill someone. Oh, right. I always used the P90. That’s why.
Goldeneye Source
Civil War II
Your Korean tank…
… and IFV
And the Gripen


The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 10

In which we have no special theme for you, but we do have: a squee-worthy news topic immediately following a weighty warlike one, some further competition kit chit-chat, some defenses of indefensible procurement errors, and a proper savaging of a game that we describe as, “Factorio, but boring,” as well as, “EVE Online for shut-ins”. Listen and see for yourself.

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Armiger Solutions: our match sponsor!
Kytex-brand Kydex gear (that isn’t confusing at all)
Rebel Galaxy
What Price Glory, purveyor of reproduction military kit

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The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 9 – Shooting the Breeze

This month, radio gremlins do not replace our show with something straight from 1940, we talk about artillery through the ages in more ways than one, and we report on hitting the dusty competition circuit.

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Japanese license-built Krupp 12cm howitzer
7.7cm Krupp field howitzer, pre-hydraulic recoil, used by the Boers in the Second Boer War, still superior to British artillery in South Africa
Artillery causes 80% casualties in the Donbas war
Three Kat articles
Intro to Glockblaster

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The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 7

This month on the Crossbox Podcast, in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only one Warhammer 40K game we’re talking about. In other news, Jay recommends two things with the initials ‘KSG’, and John savages a childhood hero.

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How to win, FREMMs, and influence people
Lightning Squalls: John likes the F-35A
I promised a King Sejong the Great article, but I must be misremembering. Sorry.


The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 6 – Tax Day Edition

In this episode, we debut a new segment, talk about our summer shooting sports plans, kick in virtual doors and shout, “Police! Freeze, scumbags!”, and bore our listeners to death with a piece called ‘logistical topics of interest’.

Happy Tax Day! Remember, your government is sufficiently bloated that Tax Freedom Day isn’t for another week.


The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 5 – March Madness

In this week’s edition, we discuss a rarely-considered and rarely-used firearms choice, a study sim masquerading as Ace Combat, and a procurement project we’ve decided should be struck by lightning.

Also, I discover that there’s a default Audacity plugin for every single sound editing task I have thus far been doing by hand. Oops.