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The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 7

This month on the Crossbox Podcast, in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only one Warhammer 40K game we’re talking about. In other news, Jay recommends two things with the initials ‘KSG’, and John savages a childhood hero.

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The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 6 – Tax Day Edition

In this episode, we debut a new segment, talk about our summer shooting sports plans, kick in virtual doors and shout, “Police! Freeze, scumbags!”, and bore our listeners to death with a piece called ‘logistical topics of interest’.

Happy Tax Day! Remember, your government is sufficiently bloated that Tax Freedom Day isn’t for another week.


The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 5 – March Madness

In this week’s edition, we discuss a rarely-considered and rarely-used firearms choice, a study sim masquerading as Ace Combat, and a procurement project we’ve decided should be struck by lightning.

Also, I discover that there’s a default Audacity plugin for every single sound editing task I have thus far been doing by hand. Oops.


The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 4

In our extremely belated Christmas edition, we visit John’s favorite decade: the 80s. Join us as we clean up the mean streets of New Orleans, work out just how bad American anti-ship missiles are, and insult a very wealthy man for fifteen minutes.


The Crossbox Podcast: Episode 3

This time on the Crossbox Podcast, we discuss Wargame: AirLand Battle, some indefensible positions, and our arms choices for a sadly underrepresented type of competitive shooting challenge.


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The Crossbox Podcast

So called because parvusimperator wanted a Clarkson-esque name like ‘Crossfire’, and I was thinking something utilizing the current branding, like ‘Soapbox’. You get the middle of the road solution nobody wants1.

Today’s show features: the US Navy’s Bad Idea™, surprisingly similar handgun choices, and wargames that get us good.


1. I guess it sounds kind of like the box in which you might cross-examine someone, which does capture the usually-adversarial nature of our little chats.